What tips help you to choose the right temperature & humidity transmitter.

What tips help you to choose the right temperature & humidity transmitter.

Selecting the temperature & humidity transmitter you need to make sure the following points:

1. Before purchasing, please confirm the accuracy of the transmitter, power supply, output signal and other parameters, and the Installation method.
2. Confirm whether the site will cause condensation, and whether the selected transmitter is resistant to condensation.
3. Need to know the temperature range of the installation site, and whether the operating environment temperature meets the transmitter condition.(E.g. Medium temperature)
4. Make sure the measuring medium will not cause damage to the sensing element.
5. If the transmitter is installing an outdoor, you should protect the transmitter, get a thing to cover above it or choose the transmitter with a protective case.
6. Select IP rating (dust and water resistance) according to environmental conditions.

How to choose the right filter of temperature and humidity sensor?

Dependents on different environments and transmitter response time, the filter protection is very important.
For example: in the high humidity environmental remove the moisture quickly, plastic filter Head + metal filter is a good choice.

How much difference in temperature will produce "condensation"?

Condensing is after heat exchange, under an atmospheric pressure, when the temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, the water vapor in the air will condense on the surface.
Therefore, under this condition there is no absolute correlation with the difference of a few degrees, but it will be related to the relative humidity.
When the relative humidity is higher, the dew point temperature will be higher.

When the relative humidity reaches 100%, and the dew point temperature is equal to the air temperature then it will condense into dew. When the humidity reaches 100%, it will begin fogging, and the air naturally starts to condense water vapor into the fog.

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THS07 Temperature & Humidity Transmitter for Probe Type
THS17 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter (Digital / Analog)

Light Industrial product link:
THS30X Series Multifunction Temperature & Humidity Transmitter(Wall type/Duct/Remote/Outdoor)

Industrial product link
THM80X Series Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
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