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eYc Premium Distributors Wanted & OEM/ODM Services   


Why Choose Us ?

Why should you be our premium distributors? 

5 Strong Support

1. Products Customized ( OEM / ODM service )

2. Excellent R&D Technical Support

3. Marketing Support

4. ILAC Accredited Calibration Laboratory

5. Automated QC Systems

10 Best Reasons

1.   Best Quality

2.   Fast Delivery

3.   Safety & Flexibility

4.   Economic Price

5.   Strong Technical Background

6.   Wide Variety Product Line

7.   Great After-Sales Service

8.   Over 20 Years' Experience

9.   Disversified Marketing Support

10. Profound Understanding of Product Application

Looking For Global Premium Distributors
eYc, Your Noteworthy Measuring Total Solution Partner!

The Endless Pursuit of Perfection to Create Top-Of-The-Line Measuring Solution For You.

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