Since eyc-tech was founded in 2009, we have continuously improved our production quality and manufacturing capacity. We obtained ISO-9001 quality management systems certification in the same year of founding, then keep implementing high-end inspection equipment and international standard manufacturing process. To ensure the best quality we can provide, we dedicate to improvement in every aspect. 

Starting from product design, our professional R&D team has focused on improving not only product performance but also the stability of each manufacturing process. Through well-designed manufacturing process and inspecting process, we can provide high accuracy products with stable quality

In order to further improve product quality, follow international trends, and increase production line capacity, we expand our factory in 2022. At the same time, we also introduced automatic dew point calibration equipment, automatic temperature and humidity calibration equipment, and airflow calibration system equipment. The scale of the production line is further increased, and the scale of the site have reached 3,000 square meters.

We adhere to the core concept of "accuracy, quality and stability", and strive to provide our best sensors and services, so that customers can trust us and depend on us.




 Model Humidity range
Humidity generator RH Systems CGS-240 10 ... 95%RH
Humidity generator Thunder 2500 ST 10 ... 95%RH
Dew point hygrometer RH Systems 473 2 ... 100%RH

Dew point

 Model Dew point range
Dew point generator RH Systems G2 -25 ... +20 dp°C
Dew point generator RH Systems G3 -120 ... +10 dp°C
Dew point mirror RH Systems 973 -50 ... +20 dp°C
Dew point mirror MBW 373 LX -90 ... +20 dp°C

Air velocity

 Model Air velocity range
Wind tunnel device Industry-Academy Cooperation 0 ... 45 m/s
Wind tunnel device Industry-Academy Cooperation 0 ... 60 m/s
Wind tunnel device Industry-Academy Cooperation 0 ... 120 m/s

Air volume

 Model Air volume range
Air volume standard calibration system Industry-Academy Cooperation 0 ... 1000 m3/h

Manufacturing process