About eyc-tech

About eyc-tech

eyc-tech is dedicated to manufacturing measurement products.
With professional R&D team, certificated factory and decades of experience in field, eyc-tech keeps bringing innovation to sensor technology and measurement technology. We provide wide range of measuring products includes airflow, temperature and humidity, dew point, liquid flow, differential pressure, pressure, liquid level, air quality, signal meter, etc. Our products cover many industries such as industrial process, system integration, exhaust gas removal, compressed dry air and HVAC.

In the future, we will continually challenge ourselves in the professional and develop innovative products to exceed the high standard of our customers.

eyc-tech Measuring Specialist

Enhance your capability with sensor technology. Using sunlight, air and water as the brand spirit to meet the goal of sustainable management.

Main Focus

From traditional industries to innovative industries, we help people in various fields and provide wide range designed sensor and transmitter.

Core Ability

To validate our products, we established a calibration laboratory traced back to the international standards.
We follow these standards to evaluate sensor accuracy, and to ensure our product meets customer’s high requirement.




Calibration Lab