eYc THS30X Series Multifunction Temperature & Humidity Transmitter (indoor/duct/remote/outdoor)

Model : eYc THS30x Series

● Industrial sensor comes with high accuracy and long-term stability
● Capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment
● Multifunction physical quantities ─ temperature & humidity/dew point/frost point/wet-bulb temp./vapor pressure/mixture ratio/absolute humidity/specific enthalpy
● Standard 2 analogue output or Modbus RS-485
● Option analogue output+ RS-485
● Probe : PC or S.S.;Remote type : PVC or TEFLON cable
● Power supply : 8-35VDC and 12-35VAC
● RS-485 and Modbus RTU
● Free programmable software - physical quantities/output/data logger/charts/calibration
● Option : USB to RS-485 Converter

Measuring Range 
Temperature : -40~+150℃(as request) ; humidity : 0~100%RH;dew point:-40~+60 dp ℃
Accuracy(at 25℃)
Temperature:±0.15℃±0.002℃ x tactual
Humidity: ±2%RH
Temperature influence of body:0.05%RH/℃
0~20mA/4~20mA/0~1VDC/0~5VDC/0~10VDC/RS-485(※ RS-485 is standard data sheet or 2 analogue output)
Signal Connection
Load Resistance
Current output max. 500Ω / Voltage output min. 10KΩ
Output calibration (ZERO & SPAN) adjustment range
Software setting
Power Supply
Protection Degree