eYc THS88MAX dew point transmitter is suitable for refrigerated air dryer / adsorption dryer of dew point monitoring, reduce insensitivity temperature zone, quickly response

eYc THS88MAX dew point transmitter is suitable for refrigerated air dryer / adsorption dryer of dew point monitoring, reduce insensitivity temperature zone, quickly response

eYc THS88MAX dew point transmitter is suitable for refrigerated air dryer / adsorption dryer of dew point monitoring, reduce insensitivity temperature zone, quickly response

Refrigerated air dryer case study:

The refrigerated air dryer uses the principle of freezing and dehumidification to initially cool the compressed air, and then freeze the moisture in the compressed air to below the dew point to remove the moisture contained in the air, and then obtain clean compressed air. 

At present, the clean compressed air required by many modern factories is used in pneumatic equipment, such as pneumatic control valves, pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic hand tools, etc.,. Moisture in the compressed air will cause damage to pneumatic components and affect the normal operation of the equipment. The dew point monitoring of pneumatic equipment can not only protect the pneumatic equipment of the factory, and also confirm the safe operation of the production gas. The dew point requirement for compressed air pressure will be around -20 … -40 dp°C.

eYc THS88MAX dew point transmitter application in refrigerated air dryer system

Adsorption dryer case study:

The adsorption dryer principle is to force absorb via molecular sieve, activated alumina or silicone, these elements with strong water binding ability.

During the process, and industrial-grade high-accuracy dew point sensor could support monitoring pressure dew point up to -40 … -60 dp°C, ensuring high quality dry compressed air.

Practical applications such as: The electronics factory compressed air needs contact with the product directly to dry electronic element. The pressure dew point range has to be from -40 ... -60 dp°C, to reach the demand of high-tech industrial plants; medical equipment air suppression microbial growth, water content requirements to reach 50mg / Nm3, pressure dew point needs to reach -27 dp°C.

From the above industry applications, it can be known that the pressure dew point required for the adsorption dryer is -40 … -60 dp°C. The selected dew point sensor needs to have good precision and long-term stability to achieve the compressed air quality requirement level.

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eYc THS88MAX dew point transmitter application in adsorption dryer system

Lithium-ion battery case study:

The process environment of lithium-ion battery has strict grade specifications, such as resolution and accuracy, and a dew point meter suitable for high pressure, low humidity and low temperature must be used. The dew point temperature range of the process environment is between -50°C and -40°C. The dew point is used to indicate the concentration of water vapor in the current environment, and the corresponding relative humidity must be less than 1%. Most instruments that measure relative humidity convert the displayed value and output value into dew point temperature. In the extremely demanding process environment, it is quite easy to cause data deviation, which leads to an increase in product defect rate and cost.

The environmental conditions of the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries are quite strict and complicated. All processes from pulping, coating, assembly, chemical conversion, etc., must be carried out in a drying room or a glove box. Among them, in order to prevent fires, explosions and other dangerous chemical reactions, as well as to prevent quality problems, it is extremely important to master and control the dry air treatment. The local small environment must be controlled to maintain the best production conditions.

Therefore, whether the drying equipment in the process environment is operating normally, the operation box is in the feeding and reclaiming process, the number of personnel and the frequency of entry and exit, will all affect the dew point and humidity value of the glove box and the drying room, such as dew point, ambient temperature and difference Pressure must be monitored immediately and strictly controlled.

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Rotary dehumidifier case study:
The rotary dehumidifier uses the hygroscopic material (silica gel or molecular sieve) in the honeycomb rotary wheel to absorb air moisture.
It is stability for continuous dehumidification of dry air, especially in low humidity moisture absorption is better than other dehumidification methods , combined with the dewpoint sensor monitoring is more easier to control humidity , dew point range can be up to -80°C.

For example, in the process of paper products, paper moisture content changes may cause size changes. General paper moisture content of 5% … 7%, indoor relative humidity should be 40% … 50%.

Photosensitive materials require clean air and accurate temperature and humidity control during manufacturing, processing and storage. General film storage environment temperature is 15 … 16°C and 10°C, the relative humidity is 50 … 40%.

Different types of food industry also have different environmental requirements, such as chocolate storage temperature and relative humidity of 18°C, 50°C respectively, eggs for -1°C, 85% … 90%, nuts for 7°C, 60% … 65%. Fudge with 12% … 16% moisture content, should be stored at 65%.

According to the above industrial application, it can be seen that the dehumidifier required for low humidity demand and dew point range is -100°C … 60°C, and the dew point at -80°C(pressure is a standard atmospheric pressure, temperature 20°C) corresponding relative humidity is : 0.002%, the corresponding moisture content is 0.55 PPM, so the dew point sensor for the dehumidifier should be compact, small, high accuracy, long-term stability, in order to measure its actual dew point value.

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eYc THS88MAX industrial high pressure dew point transmitter, use capacitive humidity sensor, 3-wire, standard RS-485 & 1 analog output, it can be connected to the client PLC and industrial computer and can be monitored at any time, low humidity environment withstand pressure resistance : 16 bar, operating range of dew point -60 ... +60 dp°C, accuracy (Operating range of dew point -60...+60 dp°C) ±2 dp°C(at +25°C)±(0.02%F.S./°C), dew point Max. scaling range : -100 ... +60dp°C, dew point calibration, highly accuracy. Reduce insensitivity temperature zone, quickly response. Hysteresis compensation, resistance to moisture, extreme high and low humidity impact. EMC anti-interference, anti-condensation, low-temperature influence, long-term stability. Three thread (1/2’’PT, 1/2’’G, and 5/8’’UNF) mode can be selected.