eYc THS88 Plus Rotary Dehumidifier industry applies dehumidification wheel equipment dew point measurement solution

eYc THS88 Plus Rotary Dehumidifier industry applies dehumidification wheel equipment dew point measurement solution

eyc-wheel-dehumidifier-dew-point-measurement-solution-zh-enMany industries, such as petrochemical, electric power, food electronics, aerospace, biological pharmacy, metallurgy, textilecivil air defense engineering the requirement of humidity measurement is more strict than before ,Therefore, humidity measurement has gradually become a new field of technology, especially how applicable in low dew point environment,  for example dehumidifier, dryer, plastic/plastic dryer, is the most important field be concerned.


The rotary dehumidifier uses the hygroscopic material (silica gel or molecular sieve) in the honeycomb rotary wheel to absorb air moisture. 
It is stability for continuous dehumidification of dry air, especially in low humidity moisture absorption is better than other dehumidification methods , combined with the dewpoint sensor monitoring is more easier to control humidity , dew point range can be up to - 80 ℃.

eYc Product installation diagram

eYc Product installation diagramFor example, in the process of paper products, paper moisture content changes may cause size changes. General paper moisture content of 5%-7%, indoor relative humidity should be 40%-50%.

Photosensitive materials require clean air and accurate temperature and humidity control during manufacturing, processing and storage. General film storage environment temperature is 15 -16℃  and 10 ℃, the relative humidity is 50-40%.
Different types of food industry also have different environmental requirements, such as chocolate storage temperature and relative humidity of 18 ℃, 50 ℃ respectively, eggs for -1 ℃, 85%~90%, nuts for 7 ℃, 60%~65%.   fudge with 12% ~ 16%  moisture content , should be stored at 65% .
According to the above industrial application, it can be seen that the dehumidifier required for  low humidity demand and dew point range is -100 ° C to 60 ° C, and the dew point at -80 ° C (pressure is a standard atmospheric pressure, temperature 20 ° C) corresponding relative humidity is : 0.002%, the corresponding moisture content is 0.55 PPM, so the dew point sensor  for  the dehumidifier should be compact, small,  high accuracy, long-term stability, in order to measure its actual dew point value.

eYc THS88 Plus industrial-grade dew point sensor can be planned according to customers' factory software.  Imported Capacitive Humidity Sensor & PT 100 Ω , three-wire system circuit, the standard RS - 485 and 1 analog output , can be link to PLC, industrial computer , low humidity environment pressure: 16 bar, measuring range: 60...-60dp ° C.

Linear accuracy : ( working range of dew point : -60 ~ +60dp°C )± 2 dp°C ( at + 25°C ) ± ( 0.02%F.S/°C ), Dew point Max. scaling range -100 ... +60dp°C.

PPM/v and PPM/w,  just half hour can quickly reach a steady state measurement.

eYcTHS88 Plus quality control and calibration is by Yuden-Tech dew point calibration lab dew point range -80... + 60°C.

Now eYc THS88 Plus has been widely used in CDA system/dehumidifier/refrigerated dryer/adsorption dryer and its monitoring engineering scheme. Its fast, accurate and stable, professional quality has been recognized by the industry.

Yuden-Tech Standard Calibration Laboratory
Yuden-Tech has seven professional calibration laboratories,Including temperature, humidity, dew point, flow rate, wind speed, gas (CO, CO2) and pressure.
 All of them have obtained the ILAC/TAF (ISO/IEC 17025  )accreditation, TAF ( Taiwan Accreditation Foundation is the only calibration organization acknowledged by ILAC in Taiwan. and signed the mutual recognition contract )   
Accreditation number: 3032
 ILAC/TAF test report is an additional option of eYc product, please contact sales to get more info.