eyc-tech THS88 Plus Industry Application Adsorption dryer pressure dew point measurement solution

eyc-tech THS88 Plus Industry Application
Adsorption dryer pressure dew point measurement solution

eyc-tech THS88 Plus Industry Application Adsorption dryer pressure dew point measurement solution

Compressed air systems (CDAs) are very important equipment systems in factories such as a field in the mechanical, chemical, food, electronics, medical, and other industrial fields. The pure compressed air is very important, it be applicated  for cutting, spraying, cooling, air conditioning in the industrial process, and the operation of precision instruments

Especially the industrial level is continuously improved, the quality of compressed air is relatively improved in the same time , measuring and monitoring of dew point or trace amount of moisture in the system can not be ignored, because it's also a part to affect the yield rate of the production line.

The dryness of the compressed air (dew point temperature) of the adsorption dryer determines the quality of the compressed air. Therefore, the industry often uses dew point sensors to provide reliable and long-term  stability dew point monitoring for the industry, especially in low dew point dehumidifiers, dryers, plastics/ plastic dryers are demand low moisture content in the gas. High-accuracy dew point transmitter is the ideal choice.

Application note:
The adsorption dryer principle is to force absorb via molecular sieve, activated alumina or silicone, these elements with strong water binding ability.
During the process, and industrial-grade high-accuracy dew point sensor could support monitoring pressure dew point up to -40 dp°C to -60 dp°C, ensuring high quality dry compressed air.

Practical applications such as: pneumatic control valves, pneumatic cylinders and pneumatic hand tools, etc., the dew point requirement for compressed air pressure will be around - 20~-40dp °C; in the electronics factory compressed air needs contact with the product directly to dry electronic element. The pressure dew point range has to be from -40 dp° C ... -60 dp° C,  to reach  the demand of high-tech industrial plants; medical equipment air suppression microbial growth, water content requirements to reach 50mg / Nm3, pressure dew point needs to reach -27 ° dpC.

From the above industry applications, it can be known that the pressure dew point required for the adsorption dryer is -40 dp° C to -60 dp ° C. The selected dew point sensor needs to have good precision and long-term stability to achieve the compressed air quality requirement level.

eyc-tech Product installation diagram

eyc-tech Product installation diagram

※ According to IEC 61298 and ISO 17025 procedures, the curve is tested and the accuracy of the test sample is consistent with the standard source – Yuden Calibration Laboratory Accreditation No.3032

In the adsorption dryer compression system, the dew point is mostly sampled, mainly using a gas sampling acquisition system, and sent the dry air to the dew point transmitter for analysis to determine the dryness . About the installation, it is better to use disassembly dew point sensor , and also it can control the flow rate into the collection chamber, which is generally controlled at 1~3 l/min.

eyc-tech THS88 Plus high pressure dew point transmitter use industrial grade anti-condensation wafers, Pressure resistance:16bar  dew point measurement scaling range -80 ... +60 dp °C, suitable for adsorption drying system industry applications, linear accuracy: ± 2 dp °C (at +25 °C) ± (0.02% FS/°C), temperature compensation and linear correction function, using M12 IP67 electrical connector and SUS304 metal protective casing SUS316 sintered filter head, imported Capacitive Humidity Sensor & PT 100 Ω chip, three-wire circuit, standard RS-485 and 1 set of analog output signals, can be linked to the client PLC, industrial computer, can be monitored at any time in the field, with dew point conversion other physical range functions, such as absolute humidity (volume 0~50000PPM/V and absolute humidity (weight) 0~50000PPM/W, and can quickly reach steady state for measurement.

After the actual use, it assisted many customers in many electronic related industries to improve product yield, and process efficiency, timely discovers abnormal of the process environment, and provide a reliable indication of better efficiency, solved immediately problems and reduced return rate.

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