eYc THM06 Industrial multi-function dew point transmitter Industrial application - Nitrogen supply monitoring system

eYc THM06 Industrial multi-function dew point transmitter Industrial application - Nitrogen supply monitoring system

eyc-tech THM06 Industrial multi-function dew point transmitter
Industrial application - Nitrogen supply monitoring system

Gas is widely used in industry, such as chemical, steel, semiconductor, electronics, medical, petroleum, food, etc., which can be divided into general special gases and industrial gases. Taking the semiconductor industry as an example, nitrogen is one of the most important gases in semiconductor processes, its characteristics are not-conductive, cool down the temperature fast, can protective product and the device in the manufacturing process, and used in hazardous gas and air for isolation, or low-temperature tests.

The nitrogen supply of the gas supply system is more stringent, and requires high cleanlinesshigh purity, and high drying conditions; in order to control the degree of dryness, in the process of gas supply and delivery system, a dew point transmitter is set to monitor the gas is sufficiently low humidity.

Practical application:
The nitrogen supply method of a semiconductor factory depends on the amount of gas used, the distance from the nitrogen production plant, the sporadic distribution of the plant, or the different gas supply modes used in the clustering setup, common such as Tank Storage room supply modeSteel cylinder supply modePipeline supply mode, etc. , regardless of any supply mode, the nitrogen storage, such as a high-pressure steel cylinder, or an adsorption gas storage cylinder, must be supplied to the valve box near the site through the pipeline to control the flow rate and the intake air. Mixing proportional control, which is then supplied to the backend machine of the process.

Schematic diagram of the gas delivery system:

eYc Schematic diagram of the gas delivery system:

Most of the nitrogen used in the semiconductor industry will directly contact electronic components, and the purity should reach the level of ppm and ppb., the cleanliness needs to control the dust particle size less than 0.1 ... 0.05m and the dryness reach the pressure dew point of -40℃ ... -70℃.

In order to the standards for nitrogen use, generally, the dew point transmitter is installed to transfer gas is transmitted to the front end of the refrigeration dryer,  also can be installed before baking the wafer , Thus the process may be more accurate monitoring of the transport of nitrogen dew point is maintained at a very low degree of wet(humidity.), to increase the manufacturing process yield.

eyc-tech THM06 Industrial multi-function dew point transmitter has a sturdy outer housing and a wide range of applications, it is also suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions, capacitive sensor, high accuracy of temperature, and humidity measurement, fast response, fast recovery after condensation, also, it has temperature compensation and computer linear calibration temperature and humidity function.

Wide measurement range, temperature: -40...180 °C, humidity: 0 ... 100% RH, designed for use in harsh environmental environments such as chemical pollution and condensation, quite suitable for use Industrial process gas supply or compression dryer performance monitoring.

In the semiconductor industry application, the purity and cleanliness of nitrogen should be controlled within a certain range, also because it will directly contact the fine processing process, improving the trace moisture will greatly affect the yield of the products in the process, according to industry surveys, more than 25% of industrial defective products are caused by the lack of effective control of the low-humidity environment. It can be seen that in the gas supply and transportation system planning, monitoring with a dew point transmitter is an important part that cannot be ignored, by combining monitoring with the process, it is possible to monitor the ratio of reactants and products, incomplete combustion rate, etc., to help the factory save costs, and to achieve better practicality and safety.

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