eyc-tech Dew Point Transmitter Used in Thermal Power Plant

The principle of thermal power plant is to transform thermal energy to electric energy. This process starts from boiler burning fuel to generate heat, then heat up water to high-pressure and high-temperature super -heated steam. Steam is used to drive mechanical equipment such as steam turbine, and then mechanical equipment transforms mechanical force to electric energy.

Electricity demand increases as industry grows, and the combust ion volume in thermal power plant has become gigantic. To maintain stable combustion, providing sufficient and stable fresh air intake is a crucial factor. To ensure sufficient air intake, air compressor unit is often used as the air supply equipment in the power plant.

Besides stable air intake, air humidity is another important topic. For example, in the ignition process, high air humidity may cause ignition failure, and it could lead to shutdown of power generation. In order to avoid supplying high humidity air into the combustion system, it is necessary to install a dew point sensor at the outlet of air compressor unit.

The user wants to monitor via display on-site, so we suggest to use THS88MAX industrial-grade high-pressure low-humidity dew point sensor with SD05 integrated signal display for on-site monitoring.


THS88MAX Industrial High Pressure Dew Point Transmitter, adapting dew point calibration procedure complied with ISO/IEC 17025. Every component and material are selected for industrial application, to achieve user’s requirement of high accuracy, fast response, and long-term durability.

For most of the application, we suggest user to measure atmospheric dew point. We suggest user to install dew point transmitter in a pipeline which has stable pressure condition, and the pressure value is close to atmospheric pressure. By doing so, user can avoid inconsistent reading caused by pressure fluctuation inside pipe (dew point value varies with pressure condition). If user's pipeline is with high pressure inside, eyc-tech provides related sampling accessories, which includes installation base for dew point transmitter, needle valve and ball valve…etc. As installation schematic shows, user can use needle valve to regulate pressure to 1 atm, and adjust airflow to 1~5 LPM to have stable dew point reading under atmospheric pressure.