How applied eyc-tech air velocity /volume transmitter in the activated carbon tower -- Exhaust gas emission solution

How applied eYc air velocity /volume transmitter in the activated carbon tower -- Exhaust gas emission solution

How applied eyc-tech air velocity /volume transmitter in the activated carbon tower -- Exhaust gas emission solution

Industrial exhaust gas is one of the largest sources of environmental air pollution. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaust have been listed as the main domestic air pollution control items. The urgent of improvement is not only to comply with regulations, but also to consider health of on-site workers and negative impacts to nearby community.

Before the discharge, the flow rate, air volume, temperature and pressure must be monitored by the transmitter. Therefore, most factories will set up the continuous automatic monitoring equipment to monitor the discharge pipe.
Use the transmitter to grasp the air pollutant emission situation and eliminate the abnormalities of air pollution control equipment to avoid the uncontrolled process resulting in a large amount of discharged air pollutants that exceed the amount stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Note: VOCs volatile organic compounds refer to organic compounds with a saturated vapor pressure greater than 70 Pa at normal temperature and a boiling point below 260 °C at ordinary pressure, or the vapor pressure is greater than or equal to 10 Pa at 20 °C with have corresponding volatility All organic compounds.

Industrial processes that generate VOCs cause the most attention to air pollution issues, such as processes in chemical, petrochemical, electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, metal processing, wastewater treatment, etc... Before discharging exhaust gas, there are several purification treatments need to be done according to gas characteristics, such as organic exhaust gas treatment, dust exhaust gas treatment, acid and alkali exhaust gas treatment, odor exhaust gas treatment and air sterilization and disinfection purification. After the purification treatment, the gas complies with the regulations then allow discharged into the environment.

eyc-tech FTM94/95 used for activated carbon tower installation diagram (below):
eYc FTM94/95 used for activated carbon tower installation diagram

Taking the active carbon tower as an example, using the principle of active carbon adsorption, the exhaust gas is introduced into the active carbon filter layer to adsorb and deodorize, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying gas, and usually used in for the production of electronic element, the production of batteries (battery jar), and pickling operation, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, coating, food, brewing and other exhaust gas treatment and purification, of which the most widely used in paint exhaust gas treatment.

Active carbon adsorption tower is dry exhaust gas treatment equipment, suitable for low levels concentration VOCs, generally between 100 ... 800 ppm@CH4, air volume about 80,000 ... 120,000 CMH. 
The treatment process is as follows: the exhaust gas will through the pre-filter to remove the dust , and then cool down to below 40℃ by the cooling system, sends the gas into the adsorption tank for adsorption by the power equipment , and then the active carbon adsorbs the polluted gas. At last, the clean gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney.

Exhaust gas needs to meet the following regulations: If the emission of VOCs allowable reaches 1.3 kg per-hour or more, the inlet and outlet port of the purification equipment should be set up as a continuous automatic monitoring device such as air volume transmitters. 
In the activated carbon adsorption tower, we can choose to install it in each chimney discharge port, and the air duct before filtering, using RS-485 to connect eYc DPMF-M9 cumulative flow display controller, while monitoring instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

For the flow chart of exhaust gas treatment, please refer to "eyc-tech Exhaust emission flow monitoring solution"


Exhaust emission need to consider the flue gas flow rate, volume, temperature and pressure of the pipeline, as well as the characteristics of the exhaust gas such as: emission type, density, , corrosivity, water content, odor, flammability, corrosion resistance and dust resistance ect,.

After evaluation eYc FTM94/95 Industrial grade high accuracy thermal air velocity transmitter, it is suitable for severe industrial process environments and high accuracy, special double PT probe, high temperature resistance, dust resistance, can be used for micro-corrosion compressed air, measurement range up to 120 Nm/s (N: working condition (definition: 20°C at 1013 hPa), unit can be converted to Nm/s (Air velocity) or Nm3/h (Air volume) (optional), probe operating temperature to 120℃(Option 150℃), LCD Display(Top row: air velocity, Bottom row: temperature), aluminum alloy housing, housing IP65, probe IP67, can be directly installed on the pipeline to measure to reduce pressure loss and make the measurement more accurate.

FTM94/95 is a constant temperature hot wire anemometer. It uses the heat balance equation referred to as the King's Law to obtain the characteristic curve of the constant temperature hot wire anemometer.
eYc Specially developed unique linear regression, it could Linearly adjust this characteristic curve to make the measured data can get a more accurate and stable flow rate when doing signal conversion.

eyc-tech FTM94/95 Industrial grade high accuracy thermal air velocity transmitter solves the problems in exhaust gas measurement, such it can be sued in dusty and slightly corrosive environment, and remain accurate! 
This transmitter also can meet the on-site application, easily switch between air velocity or air volume, brings more convenience to monitoring. The probe is protected by metal to meet the severe requirements of the industrial application. It can be installed in the inlet and outlet to monitor the flow, effectively assisting customers to comply with the regulation of the air pollution and exhaust emission, and to protect our environment.

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