eyc-tech FTM06 Thermal mass flow meter (sensor/transmitter) measuring air velocity in dusty air

eyc-tech FTM06 Thermal mass flow meter (sensor/transmitter) measuring air velocity in dusty air

eyc-tech FTM06 Thermal mass flow meter (sensor/transmitter) measuring air velocity in dusty air

Industrial production process is accompanied by hundreds of millions of tons of harmful substances,dust is a common kind.

Especially chemical production, casting、grain transport、textile、coal and other industries in the production process will produce a large number of dust , if not timely treatment, not only serious pollution of the air environment, human health is also a great threat.

Dust refers to the solid particles and liquid particles suspended in the gas within a certain period of time. Dust is not necessarily waste or stolen goods. Most factories will collect the dust and reuse it as raw materials, such as the dust in cement plants and feed plants.

Factory will use different powder equipment for processing, the commonly used such as pneumatic conveying pump adopts the positive pressure conveying powder feeding machine, used for power plant fly ash, cement raw meal, mineral powder, gypsum powder, kaolin, alumina powder, food grade material.

Such as roots blower is a general  equipment for transportation, the outlet pressure is 0.04 ... 0.1 MPa commonly, Air volume 0.8...90 m³/min adopts the existing compressed air power source, and the central air source provides centralized air supply to the multi-system equipment.

Or such as petroleum coke powder, coal powder conveying system, the main function of the kiln required by the powder fuel, air volume 600...1200 (m³ / h) wind pressure 40000...44000 (Pa);The ash extractor is powered by a single-stage edging pump and USES the principle of high vacuum adsorption to clean and collect the dust or loose materials. The suction force is especially large. The sucker can be connected for 30 meters, and can suck up 5kg firebrick, and the lifting height of materials.

eyc-tech FTM06 Hot wire thermal flow transmitter installation diagram

eyc-tech FTM06 hot-wire flowmeter , it is mainly used in the outlet pipeline of the pump or filling. The purpose is to monitor the instantaneous flow and wind speed of powder and tiny particles online, and also to monitor the blockage of powder conveying pipeline, add The eyc-tech DPM02 multi-functional display instrument is more convenient for field display.

eyc-tech FTM06 Thermal mass flow meter inf teh pipeline schematic diagram

Problems solved by FTM06 flowmeter:

1. Detect and control wind speed. If the air volume is too small, it cannot control the dust flying, and resist the interference of the surrounding air flow. If the air volume is too large, it will lead to the huge fan, pipeline, dust removal equipment, but also will draw away useful materials, which will not only cause a waste of resources, but also increase the load of the dust remover.
2. Equipped with analog and rs-485 output, half-duplex network interface, good anti-noise interference, long transmission distance and the ability to support multiple nodes.
3. If the dust slightly touches the probe, it will not affect the measurement sensitivity. There are no moving parts or stop-flow parts in the pipeline, and there is almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement dust-proof, less maintenance, easy to clean.

In the past, the customer used the average wind speed measuring tube to measure the wind speed in the pipe. The dusty environment or sticky gas would cause hole obstruction, or the wind speed sensor exposed ,  would have dirt and adhesion on the chip, which is not easy to be replaced, repaired or cleaned, and more likely to cause chip damage.

FTM06 flow transmitter  has Stainless steel  integration housing not only can solve the hole blocking, corrosive gas, used in dust conveying equipment, environment experiment box, dust, powder test paper powder, monitoring and control of wind speed(flow), can solve the manual labor and meter plant maintenance monitoring on the cost, not easy to damage, long service life;Easy cleaning for re-use does not affect the monitoring effect, can do anti-blocking monitoring and flow monitoring of powder  transport, so as to maximize the interests of customers.

Product advantage
eyc-tech FTM06 has an integrated metal appearance, IP67 has good waterproof performance, and measures micro-corrosive water and gas, water: 0...3m /s, air: 0...60 m/s, accuracy: 3% < 1.5 m/s;3% < 20 m/s; Power supply: 8...35 VDC with  analog output signal: analog: 4...20 ma / 0...10 v;Rs-485, able to withstand severe dust, sticky environment is not easy to failure;High sensitivity and good linearity for the detection of powder particles. The sensitivity of measurement will not be affected if the dust is slightly contaminated with the probe. It is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.Suitable for powder conveying equipment, coating, cement processing, industrial dust removal equipment, food, wood products, exhaust gas, dust particles,  high humidity non-condensation adhesive gas environment.

eyc-tech FTM06 Exhaust gas, industrial process. powder feeding, HVAC

Quality inspection and adjustment through yutian control technology calibration laboratory (please refer to the calibration laboratory website), you can buy calibration report (ILAC/TAF/ISO/IEC 17025) Yuden standard laboratory (certification no. :3032), quality assurance, quality and function have won the trust of the industry.

Wind speed correction equipment

eyc-tech FTM06 Three-cycle curve

eyc-tech FTM06 Three-cycle curve


eyc-tech FTM06C-A Thermal Mass Air Velocity and Air Volume Transmitter