• eYc FTM06C-A

eYc FTM06C-A Thermal Mass Air Velocity and Air Volume Transmitter

Output:4 ... 20 mA & RS-485 / 0 ... 10 V & RS-485 / RS-485 & Impulse
Input:Pt20/Pt300 (Air velocity) / Pt1000 (Temp.)
Measuring range:0 ... 5 m/s ~ 0 ... 60 m/s
Accuracy:±1.5% (Option±1%)
IP rating:IP65
●YUDEN-TECH CO.,LTD. Calibration Laboratory - ( ILAC / TAF ) Test report, for more detailed information please contact us.
(TAF accreditation:3032, complying with ISO / IEC 17025 ) TAF has mutual recognition arrangement with ILAC MRA
Model : eYc FTM06C-A

● Thermal mass flow, quickly response, good sensitivity
● Turndown ratio 500:1, high precision & accurate sensing at lowest flow rate for metering applications
● Display Cumulative flow / Instantaneous flow
● Output:Analog / RS-485
● Use measured with square pipe or 2" pipe above
● IP rating:IP65
● Stainless steel casing, suitable for various severe environments, such as slightly corrosive air

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Input type:Pt20/Pt300 (Air velocity) / Pt1000 (Temp.)
Measuring range:0 ... 5 m/s ~ 0 ... 60 m/s
Min. measuring range:0.1 m/s
Turndown ratio:500:1
Installation angle effect:<3% of the measured value(When the installation angle<10°)
Output:4 ... 20 mA & RS-485 / 0 ... 10 V & RS-485 / RS-485 & Impulse
Preset output:Out1:Air velocity
Signal connection:3-wire
Accuracy:±1.5% (Option±1%)
Temp. influence:0.1% / °C
Power supply:DC 24 V±10%
Measuring medium:Air
Operating Temp.(With body and display):0 ... +50°C
Operating Humid.(With body and display):20 ... 90%RH(Non-condensing)
Probe operating Temp.:0 ... +120°C
Storage Temp.:-20 ... +60°C
Storage Humid.:0 ... 95%(Non-condensing)
Probe pressure:16 bar

Flange:Metal flange mount
Thread:R1/2"adjustable fitting
Flange pipe:Flange pipe

IP rating:IP65
Electrical protection:■ Polarity protection ■ Over-voltage ■ Short-circuit

Cover:PC(Display) / SUS 304(No display)
Body (including probe):SUS304
Weight:500 g(w / o cable)

*Please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS-485 are on common ground, avoid damaged product.

The specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice and any user of said specifications should verify from the manufacturer that the specifications are currently in effect.
Otherwise, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the use of specifications which may have been changed and are no longer in effect.

Compressed air monitoring / Exhaust gas emission flow monitoring / Special gas process / Semiconductor / Electronics factory / Industrial process air velocity and air volume measurement