Differential Pressure Type Air Flow Transmitter integrates "Mass flow rate" and "Bi-direction measurement"

Differential Pressure Type Air Flow Transmitter integrates

Differential Pressure Type Air Flow Transmitter integrates "Mass flow rate" and "Bi-direction measurement"

FDM06S is a differential pressure type airflow transmitter that breaks through traditional technology. The overall structure incorporates multiple special designs. Let us introduce the various features of the newly launched FDM06S.

Bi-direction measurement

It is particularly suitable for applications that require bi-directional airflow measurement in pipes. It can respond in real-time when the flow direction changes. It saves the space for installing two sensors in the same place when bi-direction measurement is required.

Calculate medium density and mass flow rate

Through temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and user-set values, this product can convert the measured wind speed data into mass flow rate. In addition, compared to other sensors, this product can automatically compensate for the measured temperature and pressure, making measurements more convenient and accurate.

Special diversion design reduces the impact of airflow turbulence

The pressure hole stabilizes the pressure value of the intake air flow and reduces the impact of airflow turbulence, making the measurement more accurate and reliable. The probe structure is simple, without electronic components compared to other air flow meter with complex probe structures. It maintains long-term stability and meets the demand for high-quality anemometers from customers.

High temperature, high pressure, more durable

The FDM06S probe has excellent high-temperature resistance and can operate normally in environments up to 100℃, 10 bar high pressure, measurement range 200 m/s. Suitable for high-pressure pipelines in compressor system, Industrial process, etc.

Multiple signal output

The FDM06S offers multiple signal output options and easy monitoring, including 0 … 10 V, 4 … 20 mA,Frequency, Pulse and RS-485. This allows users to integrate it more easily into their systems for monitoring.

With the features above, FDM06S is a special, accurate, stable, high-quality Differential pressure type air flow transmitter that provides more reliable data monitoring than traditional methods.

eyc-tech FDM06S
Differential Pressure Type Air Flow Transmitter

Measuring range :
Standard version : ± (0.8 ... 40 m/s)
High-pressure version : ± (10 ... 200 m/s)

Output :
4 ... 20 mA + RS-485 / 0 ... 10 V + RS-485 / Frequency + RS-485 / Pulse + RS-485 (Option)

Accuracy :
±1.5% F.S. (Option±1% F.S.)

Applications :
Air compressor system / Industrial process / Exhaust system