2022 Product Review

2022 Product Review-eyc-tech

The end of 2022 is coming, eyc-tech thanks you for your support and trust along the way.

This is another challenging year. Besides the instability of the post-epidemic era, the unexpected war and sudden changes in the political and economic environment have brought more impact and uncertainty.

In the severe circumstance, eyc-tech still maintains a pragmatic attitude and continues to develop more innovative products. The following are the new products that we brought in 2022:

1. FDM06 Differential Pressure Air Flow Transmitter: Adopting the differential pressure principle for air flow measurement, enable bi-direction air flow measurement, Calculate medium density and mass flow rate.

2. THM88MAX Industrial dew point transmitter with display: Suitable for compressed dry air system and industrial drying system. Integrated LED display. Faster response to low dew point.

3. DPM11 Signal Display Monitor: Filtering function, provide safe and stable measuring.

4. SP03 Isolated converter / splitter: Compact size, save installation space.

In 2023, eyc-tech will keep move forward with you and bring more innovative and high-quality products. Looking forward to build success with you in the coming year!

Differential Pressure Air Flow Transmitter - FDM06
Industrial dew point transmitter with display - THM88MAX
Signal Display Monitor - DPM11
Isolated converter / splitter - SP03