Measurement Success Story - Fluidized Bed Dryer

Measurement Success Story Fluidizde Bed Dryer

In the pharmaceutical industry, fluidized bed dryer is used to mix, granulate, and dry raw materials for medication production. The temperature and humidity within the mixing chamber are crucial factors affecting the quality of granulation and drying processes. For example, excessive humidity can lead to decreased quality, product instability, and reduced production efficiency. Conversely, low humidity can result in brittle raw materials and loss of active ingredients. Therefore, accurate measurement of temperature and humidity is essential to ensure optimal quality and stability of pharmaceutical products during granulation and drying processes.

eyc-tech temperature and humidity transmitter have gained the trust and recognition of users for their stability, quality, and durability over the years.

Accurate and Reliable: Excellent temperature and humidity measurement capabilities, providing precise measurement data.
Robust and Stable: Operate for long periods in harsh environments while maintaining stable performance and functionality.
Resistant to high temperature, dust: Withstand high-temperature measurement environments, and their fully enclosed probe design protects the components from contamination and damage.

eyc-tech transmitter use in Fluidized Bed Dryer

Temperature and Humidity Measurement - THM80X

During the mixing and granulation of pharmaceutical raw materials in a fluid bed dryer, the temperature and humidity within the mixing chamber need to be maintained under fixed conditions to ensure the quality and stability of the drugs. The humidity range typically falls between 1% to 10% relative humidity. This stage involves the use of high-temperature hot air, and the gas inside the mixing chamber may contain dust that can affect measurement accuracy. To accurately monitor the temperature and humidity within the mixing chamber, a temperature and humidity transmitter capable of withstanding high temperatures and dust is required. The THM80X is suitable for high-temperature environments, offering excellent long-term stability for temperature and humidity measurement. Its fully enclosed probe design prevents dust interference, enabling effective monitoring of temperature and humidity within the mixing chamber.

THM80X Series Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

Industrial Grade High Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
THM80X Series
Features: Designed for industrial application. Resistant to high temperature and high pressure.

Measuring range
0 ... +180℃

0 … 10 V / 4 … 20 mA / RS-485

±0.15°C / ±2%RH
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Air Velocity Measurement - FTM94/95

In a fluid bed dryer, air is heated by a heater to the required temperature and then introduced into the drying chamber to dry the pharmaceutical raw materials. The temperature of the hot air during this process is typically between 50°C to 100°C. The FTM94/95 can be used in high-temperature environments and can measure high air velocities. It utilizes highly sensitive sensing elements that are protected by metal, making it resistant to dust interference. This transmitter is characterized by its high temperature resistance, dust, and fast response time, allowing for accurate measurement of pipeline air flow and ensuring uniform air movement for the drying of raw materials.

FTM94/95 Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Industrial Grade High Accuracy Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter
Features: Designed for industrial application. Air flow measurement up to 120 m/s. Resistant to high temperature, high pressure, dust, and corrosion.

Measuring range
0 ... 120 Nm/s

0 … 10 V / 4 … 20 mA / RS-485/ Impulse

±1.5% F.S.
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eyc-tech temperature and humidity transmitter, with its precise and reliable characteristics, helps improve production efficiency to achieve the best process effect.