eyc-tech Air flow Measurement in Melt Blowing Process

High Temperature Air flow Measurement in Melt Blowing Process

Success story of FTM94/95 airflow transmitter in non-woven fabric manufacture

The textile industry uses melt-blown machines to produce melt-blown non-woven fabrics with great fineness, which have high density and have various functions such as filtration, adsorption, and heat insulation. In the process of melt blowing, hot airflow measurement is the key of product quality. The following is an application case of FTM94/95 industrial-grade transmitter used in melt blowing process.

Air Flow Transmitter - high-speed hot air measurement

The melt-blown machine first melts polypropylene raw material, then extrudes it into the melt-blown die, and passes the polymer melt through the ultra-fine nozzle. Then, the ultra-fine fibers are blown onto the collecting net or drum by hot air flow, and the fibers are continuously accumulated to form a melt-blown non-woven fabric.
Melt blown non-woven fabrics are made by drawing the melt material into silk and spinning by the high-speed hot air. In order to accurately control the heat energy and airflow for the melt blown mold, an airflow transmitter will be installed in the hot air duct. Monitoring the airflow helps to prevent the melt material from being blown off due to excessive hot air or unable to be drawn into filaments. Since it is an application air measurement in high temperature, it is necessary to consider whether the measurement instrument is applicable, such as the operating temperature, airflow measurement range, and the measurement accuracy.

eyc-tech FTM94/95 Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter in Melt Blowing Process

Advantages of eyc-tech FTM94/95 airflow transmitter

FTM94/95 industrial-grade high-precision airflow transmitter applies the principle of hot-wire airflow measurement. It adopts the equation of King's law to obtain the characteristic curve of the constant-temperature hot-wire airflow measurement, and uses the multi-order regression and multi-point cyclic correction method, to optimize the characteristic curve. It is also built with temperature compensation function to ensure the measurement accuracy in high temperature. Its body is made by aluminum alloy, and has IP65 protection grade for severe environments. The sensing probe is made of stainless steel and can be used in slightly corrosive environment. Overall, FTM94/95 is the right airflow measurement instrument for harsh industrial applications.



eyc-tech FTM94/95
Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Input type : Pt20 / Pt300(Air velocity), Pt1000(Temp.)
Measuring range : 0 ... 120 Nm/s
Output signal : 4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 V / RS-485 / Impulse
Accuracy : ±1.5%
Installation : Duct type / Remote type
IP rating : IP67

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