eYc Environment monitoring for Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy ( HBOT ) -Saving solution THM803

Environment monitoring for Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT)


Our customer is a biomedical engineering company for 16 years, which is founded by a crowd of doctor. And HBOT is their main product. They keep on going to research and develop HBOT relevant testing and experiments, and pay a lot of attention for customer health and life.
Till nowadays, they already gain many well-known quality certifications to prove their HBOT products, in the same time sell to overseas successfully. In this project, after our sales knew During hyperbaric oxygen testing processing, the inner environment of HBOT chamber will be changed, need to take care of patient's body sense.
Therefor recommend the suitable temperature and humidity transmitter, EYC THM803 remote type, which can monitor and control simultaneously. inner environment.Make patients relieved to accept curing for getting best curing effect and better curing experience.

♦ It is a medical treatment used to treat decompression sickness caused by diving.
♦ In other applications, hyperbaric oxygen Increase the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to provide treatment.
♦ Under normal circumstances, most of the oxygen transported throughout by red blood cells.
♦ With HBOT can significantly increase the plasma to carry oxygen. the body can support its own healing process by extra oxygen, because of it can reach all of the damaged tissues help the white blood cells to kill bacteria and reduces swelling.
♦ At the same time, the use of our Industry degree Tempera

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ( HBOT )eYc-Success_Story-HBOT-THM803-1.png

♦ By using EYC THM803 to monitor and control the data of temperature and humidity in the inner chamber of HBOT to maintain the perfect inner environment, thus patients will be relieved to accept curing for getting best curing effect. 
♦ Remote monitoring and management local data and situation via RS-485. 

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