eyc-tech Air Velocity Automation QC Technology Development

eyc-tech Air Velocity Automation QC Technology Development

eYc │ Air Velocity Automation QC Technology Development

YUDEN-TECH and Graduate Institute of Automation and Control of NTUST cooperate to establish air velocity automation QC system which is according to the standard of IEC 61298 and ISO 17025 to execute inspection procedure. The system was run 3-cycle or 5-cycle curve inspection by measuring circles quantities and positions of testing points to achieve calculation of the targets and calibration of the linear curve which help air velocity transmitter to maintain high accuracy quality. And YUDEN-TECH establish air velocity calibration laboratory which has widely calibration range 0.25 to 60 m/s and expanded uncertainty 0.04 m/s to 0.90 m/s to provide high quality measuring and calibration service to our premium customers. 

The Air Velocity QC System include below facilities :

  • Wind tunnel system to control air velocity 
  • PC-based automatic controlling air velocity and QC inspection and HMI 
  • Automatic inspection report printing 
  • Use precise wind tunnel to produce products, and automatic QC inspection sheet
  •  printing and factory report.

For example: according to IEC 61298 and ISO 17025 standard to execute 3-cycle curve measuring testing : the result as the below charts, the accuracy of the testing sample was matched with the accuracy chart of standard source

eYc 3-circle curve chart

Outline :

1. System organizaion
2. Open loop wind tunnel
3. Quality control and inspection
4. Operation flow and inspection charts

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