COUPON Activities : Become eYc VIP Member & Fans of Facebook to get USD$10 free

COUPON Activities : Join eYc VIP Members & Facebook Fans to get USD$10 free


Step1. Like eYc Facebook Fan Page

1. please click here to open the eYc Facebook fan page :

2. Give us a like. ( As the following picture )

Give us a like. ( As the following picture )

Step2. Become eYc VIP Member 

1. Register Account at eYc Official Website : 

Remark : Please fill in all of required items ( As the following picture )


Step3. Get COUPON : USD$10 OFF 

We provide 2 items for you to choose : 

1. USD$10 OFF 

2. Free shipping with purchase of USD$3000 or more.( Member benefits)

Please inform us of your member ID and Facebook ID before payment

Terms and conditions

1.Applicants can redeem once only for one purchase.

2.Coupon is applicable with minimum purchase of $100, Can not be exchanged for cash.

3.By participating in the promotion events, you agree to be bound by the Term and Conditions, the User Agreement and the decision of eYc.

Limited to a total of 90 applicants daily.

Welcome to attend our COUPON ACTIVITY! 

Register your account and Like FB Fan Page NOW!

Remark : This coupon is not applicable in Taiwan and China.