• eYc GM33/GM34  CO Transmitter for Wall / Duct Type

eYc GM33/GM34 CO Transmitter for Wall / Duct Type

Input : Electrochemistry CO Sensor
Output : 0...1V / 0...5V / 0...10V / 1...5V / 0...20mA /4...20mA ; RS-485;RS-485 & analogue
linear accuracy ( at 25 ± 2 , 40 ± 10 % RH ):± 3 % of F.S. ( best zero-point )
●Additional option (ILAC/TAF) Test report - Standard Calibration laboratory(TAF Accreditation: 3032)
Model : eYc GM33GM34

● Wall/ Duct type
● Output:0~20mA;4...20mA;0...1V;0...5V;0...10V;1...5V;RS-485;RS-485 & Analogue
● Working range:0...500PPM
● Power supply:12...30VAC or 8...35VDC
● Option:M12x1 connector(analog or RS-485)、M12x1 connector(analog + RS-485)

Measuring Range 
Linear Accuracy(at 25±2℃, 40±10%RH)
±3% of F.S.(best zero point)
0...1V;0...5V;0...10V;1...5V;0...20mA;4...20mA;RS-485;RS-485 & Analogue
Signal Connection
Overload Resistance
≦ 500Ω for 4 ~20mA
≧10 KΩ for 0 ~10V
Output calibration
factory software calibration
Power Supply
12...30VAC or 8...35VDC
Protection rating
Housing:IP65 ; Sensor: IP20

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*Please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS485 are on common ground, avoid damaged product.

Option list
Installation: Fixed board for wall type
L board Fixed board for wall type
M12 Waterproof