• eYc FUM05B Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter

eYc FUM05B Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Feature :
Measurement accuracy 1 %
Converter protection class IP 67 , transducer protection class IP 68
Wide measurement range , pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm
Connect the temperature transducer can finish the heat / energy measurement
●YUDEN-TECH CO.,LTD. Calibration Laboratory - ( ILAC / TAF ) Test report, for more detailed information please contact us.
(TAF accreditation:3032, complying with ISO / IEC 17025 ) TAF has mutual recognition arrangement with ILAC MRA
Model : eYc FUM05B

. No need to cut off water , no pressure loss
. Connect clamp on temperature , transducer , can finish the heat / energy measurement
. Easy for installation

FUM05B flow meter can be virtually applied to a wide range of long-term online measurement. Convertor IP67, transducer IP68. A variety of liquid applications can be accommodated: ultra-pure liquids, portable water, chemicals, raw sewage, reclaimed water, cooling water, river water, plant, effluent.etc

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Transit-time Ultrasonic Flowmeter


± 1 %

Data Interface:
Insulate RS-485, Support the Modbus

Signal Output:
. 4 ... 20 mA , electric resistance 0 ... 1 K , accuracy 0.1 %
. OCT pulse output ( Pulse width ... 1000 ms, the default is 200 ms )
.  Relay output

Signal Input:
. 4 ... 20 mA , accuracy 0.1 %
. Connect the temperature transducer Pt100

2 x 20 character LCD with backlight

Measuring Medium

Type of Liquid:
Single liquid can transmit sound wave such as Water, Oil, Alcohol, Beverage, Ultra-pure liquid, etc.

-30 ... +160 ℃

≦ 10000 ppm ( less bubble )

0 ... ± 10 m/s

Pipe Installation Condition

Pipe Material:
Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Cement, Pipe, PVC, Aluminum, Glass steel product, the liner is allowed

Pipe Diameter:

15 ... 6000 mm

Straight Pipe:

Transducer installation should be satisfied: upstream 10 D, downstream 5D, 30D from the pump

Working Environment

Converter : -20 ... 60 ℃
Flow Transducer: 30 ... +160 ℃


Converter: 85 %RH
Flow Transducer: Water depth ≦ 2m

Special Cable

Twisted-pair cable, generally, the length under 50 meters; Select the RS-485, transmission
distance can over 1000m

Power Supply

DC 8 ... 36 V
AC 85 ... 264 V

Power Consumption

1.5 W

132 x 150 x 85 mm (converter)

eYc Flowmeter requirements questionnaire PDF download.

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*Please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS-485 are on common ground, avoid damaged product.

Oil and Gas Industries / Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Food and Beverage / Metal / Mining / Pulp and Paper / Wastewater Industries.