• FTM06D Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

FTM06D Thermal Mass Flow Transmitter

Model : FTM06D
Features : Suitable for compressed dry air system.
Sensor type : Thermal mass flow sensor
Measuring range : 0 ... 120 m/s
Output : RS-485+(4 ... 20 mA / 0... 10 V / Impulse (1 ... 500 Hz))
Accuracy : ±1.5% F.S.
IP rating : IP65
  • Features
    ● Thermal mass flow sensor
    ● Can measure air velocity and air volume
    ● Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output
    ● Built-in temperature compensation, accurate measurement
    ● Using constant temperature anemometer(CTA) technology, good sensitivity
    ● Unit setting:[m/s], [ft/s], [Nm3/h], [L/min], [°C], [°F]
    ● Strong stainless steel housing, for a variety of harsh environments

    FTM06D is based on thermodynamic principle, can measure air velocity and air volume, there are 2 temperature sensors inside the probe:one for temperature measurement, the other one as a measuring conveyor after heated.
    Temperature difference between the two as a basis for measuring flow rate. When the medium flow rate increases, the temperature difference decreases.
    The temperature difference converted to standard signal output after processed that is why flow rate can be measured by these two sensors. All-metal housing, suitable for a variety of pipe diameters.
  • Applications
    Industrial process gas supply / Consumption and dry flow monitoring / Compressed air consumption measurement / Buildings / Factories / Clean rooms / Hospitals / Semiconductors / Electronics / Paper / Printing / Textiles / Steel / Food / Chemicals / Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology industries
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  • Specification
    Air velocity sensor:Thermal mass flow sensor
    Measuring range:Air:0 ... 120 m/s
    Minimum initial value:0.2 m/s
    Installation angle effect:<3% of the measured value(When the installation angle<10°)

    Output signal:4 ... 20 mA+RS-485 / 0... 10 V+RS-485 / RS-485 & Impulse (1 ... 500 Hz)
    Signal connection:3-wire
    Warm-up time:About 60 sec
    Response time:t90≦3 sec
    Load resistance:Voltage output:≧100 KΩ / Current output:≦250 Ω

    Accuracy:±1.5% F.S.
    Temp. influence:0.05% / °C

    Medium:Non-corrosive gas
    Operating Temp. & Humid.:0 ... 50°C / 20 ... 90%RH(Non-condensing)
    Storage Temp.:-20 ... 85°C
    Fitting pressure:16 bar

    Power supply:DC 24 V±10%
    Current consumption:24 V:110 mA
    Electrical connection:M12

    Duct type:Metal flange mount / R1/2" movable thread
    Flange pipe type:2″ ... 6″
    Inline type:1/2″ ... 2″


    IP rating:IP65(IP67 option)
    Electrical protection:■ Reverse polarity ■ Over-voltage ■ Short-circuit

    Filter:PC with glass fiber
    Weight:480 g
Note : Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Note : If the product has RS-485 function, to avoid damaging product, please make sure the product and the device which connect with RS-485 are on common ground.