• eYc FPC04 Flow Switch-Piston Type
  • eYc FPC04 Flow Switch-Piston Type
  • eYc FPC04 Flow Switch-Piston Type

eYc FPC04 Flow Switch-Piston Type

Hysteresis:Depends on switching point, minimum 0.6 L / min
Medium:Water, Oil, Gas
Connection mode:Connector specification M12
Pressure resistance:Stainless steel : 100 bar, Plastic : 10 bar
Model : eYc FPC04

Mechanical flow switch for liquid or gaseous media,with spring-supported piston and
magnetic triggering of a reed switch. Rugged design in plastic or brass.

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Pressure / Flow / Range ....
The total range ± 5%
Depending on switching point, minimum 0.6 L/min
Switch setting scale
According to media distinction :
Media : Water,Temp. : 20 °C,The standard state is set in the horizontal 
installation state. Installation position, media, and temperature changes have a slight effect on the switching value.
Media Measured
Water, Oil, Gas
Connector M12
Reed switch : Capacity 24 VDC / 250 VAC, 100 mA
Pressure resistance
Stainless steel : 100 bar, Plastic : 10 bar
Average pressure loss
0.3 bar ( in 25 L/min )
Medium Temp.
Max : 90 °C
IP rating
IP 65
Housing : Plastic / Stainless Steel, Piston : Plastic, Spring : Stainless 
Steel, Seal : NBR

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