About eYc

eYc Corporate Logo


With the light, air and water, the earth is being nourished and operate in a sustainable and prosperous way,  E icon brings about the same image! The “ water drop “ inside the eYc logo represents the innovative thinking like a gush of living water, which is also our pursuit!.



To be a Green corporate is our vision for the society. Green stands for energy-saving, environmental-protection, passing-on and power of life! We start from Taiwan and then move forward to the world over, with this vision, to develop innovative products and service so that we create our core competency along with the utmost value for our customers and the society.



Our core concept is to develop a variety of products of high precision, quality, and stability. Applications coverage include HVAC, pharmaceutical industry, green house, environmental engineering, food, hospital, agriculture, heavy industry and the like, high-precision measurement for temperature, pressure and flow in production procedure, monitoring on gas transmission and performance of control panel.


1. To achieve the purpose of sustainable management by reasonable profit

2. We use integrity of the service as a customer satisfaction guarantee

3. To complete community's responsibility by steady growth contribute



1. Foreign agent business continues to grow → accelerated learning curve

2. Innovative own brand → develop core competitiveness

3. Technical Learning → reduce uncertainty

4. The supply chain process efficiency →create new value in the organization 

Main Product

1. Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

2. Temperature Sensor / Transmitter

3. Dew Point Transmitter

4. Air Velocity Transmitter

5. Water Flow Transmitter

6. Gas Transmitter / Air Quality Monitor

7. Pressure Transmitter / Differential Pressure Transmitter / Submersible Pressure Transmitter

8. Signal Monitor / Converter

eYc Product Series

eYc” is  specializing in OEM and customizing the auto-instruments & measurement for customers in retailer and wholesale markets.

As one of the most innovative provider of measuring instruments solution, we have over 25 years' experience. eYc is the most authoritative and professional Taiwan brand committed to providing excellent performance of measurement and control instruments of industrial automation.

eYc” has been improving technology and facility to serve more needs of our valuable customers and developing our worldwide service trying in line with the trend.

Established in 1993, our products include Temperature / Humidity / Dew Point / Gas / Flow, focus on application of HVAC control, agriculture environment, pharmaceutical processing equipment, and environmental engineering and industry, overseas markets include North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

eYc” is today a strong and reliable partner for all the requirements of industrial measurement technology, thanks to a broad portfolio of high-precision instruments and comprehensive services.

We know the profound understanding of the product application and strong technical background is also our advantage ensure. Our customers get the best solutions and achieve a greater success for our customers. We constantly strive to find ways of improving performance and measurement and control procedures, to implement efficient, environmentally friendly and safer.

eYc” take technology, innovation, and profession as the core concept and try best to supply the highest quality products and services to continually create maximum value for customer.

eYc”  with prudent management and production manners to achieve a goal of “reasonable, good faith, a steady” .

Measuring Specialist “eYc”, not only a fully equipped manufacturer and also want to be your solution provider.

eYc products include:

Temperature Transmitters, Temperature & Humidity Transmitters , Pressure/Differential Transmitters, Averaging Flow Measuring Tube, Dew Point Transmitter, Flow Sensor, Air Velocity, CO2/CO Transmitter, Signal Controller, Signal Displays, Signal Transformer And Other Meters…Etc.

We participate in various domestic and international large-scale exhibitions and have enjoyed a good reputation. In addition, we research and develop a variety of different types for operating environment , such as air velocity transmitter, dew point transmitter and compact temperature transmitter with high stability and repeatability, low angular dependence, easy to mounting, economical price, best accuracy, excellent long term stability, waterproof and dust-proof housing. Due to the specifications of many, type is completed so that we could meet the equipment requirement under any different circumstances.