Humidity Calibration Laboratory - Calibration Specifications

【Humidity Calibration Facilities】

(1) Standard
Two-Pressure Humidity
Generator Thunder 2500

(2) Check
Dew Point Mirror
RH Systerms 473

【Calibration specification】  

(1) DUT (device under test) Type
Remote Type : for example : eYc THM803
Probe Type : length of probe : above 24 cm, such as eYc THM802 (duct type)
A integrated : maximum bulk range ( cm ) : W40、H35、D20

(2) Other Suggestion
A integrated type:It is recommended to have read data (RS-485/RS-232) or external table header display or built-in record function, such as  eYc THS301 or Thermo-Hygrometer

(3) Other Calibration Specifications
Temperature Calibration Specification
Dew Point Calibration Specification