Precautions of electromagnetic flowmeter

Precautions of electromagnetic flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter needs to confirm the installation distance before installation. The conventional straight pipe section requirement is 5D behind the front 10D.There are different requirements for the case of bends and valves. pipe flange welding Install the flowmeter after completion.

The measured fluid direction must be consistent with the flow direction of the flow meter. Measuring the fluid in the pipeline must be full. The plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be tilted up to 15o.

It is recommended that the installation position be at the rear end of the pump outlet to avoid the bubble stay. Do not install at the inlet front to avoid negative pressure inside the pipe. It is recommended to install a shut-off valve downstream.

In order to ensure the stability of the flowmeter, reliable grounding to avoid interference, should be avoided in the vicinity of electrical appliances that are prone to magnetic field interference, and to avoid vibration of the pipeline, plastic pipelines must be grounded.

eYc-Precautions of electromagnetic flowmeter

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