Dew Point Calibration Laboratory - Calibration Specifications

【Dew Point Calibration Facilities】

(1) Standard
RH Syster 473
Thunder 3900

(2) Check
RH System 473
MBW 373

【Calibration specification】  

(1) DUT (device under test) Type
Probe / Tube Type : 
External diameter : 12 Φ
Thread type : PT / G / UNF type
Foundation Depth : at least 4 cm (without thread)
Necessary condition of Instrument Type : gas inlet port 

(2) Other Suggestion
Probe / Tube Type : If the external diameter size and the thread type doesn't match upon condition, please send calibrated facilities with own base.
Instrument Type : If the gas inlet port is a special size, please send the relevant pipeline, port, tools, and relevant accessories with calibrated facilities to our calibration laboratory.
※Remark : If the brand of DUT is not eYc, please attach the manual with facilities to send us.

(3) Other Calibration Specifications
Temperature Calibration Specification
Humidity Calibration Specification