2014/10 EYC-TECH " executes international standards, IEC61298 & ISO17025, to inspect product accuracy and capacities"



Quality ─ Specific / Professional / Stable

We, EYC-TECH, according to IEC61298 executes to inspect accuracy and capacity of product by ISO17025 temperature & humidity calibration laboratory.  

Inspect capacity way ─ IEC 61298


1. Inaccuracy

    Under specified conditions, when according to the rules of procedure testing the device, the max positive and negative deviation of specified curve  were observed.

2. Error

    The algebraic difference is between measured value and true value of the measured variable. 

3. Maximum measured error

     Max positive or negative deviation of upstream or downstream on per measuring point.

4. Hysteresis

    A device or instrument according to the orientation sequence of input which is exerted giving corresponding the characteristics of different output.

5. Non-repeatability

    Under the same working conditions, when using the same input value from the one direction to do whole range moving, in a short period of time, doing many times continuous measurement on the output value to take the algebraic differences between limit values.  


Execute Standards ─ Temperature & Humidity Calibration Laboratory (ISO 17025)

《Laboratory Features》

♦ Cooperation with national-level " Center for Measurement Standard" 

♦ ISO 17025 calibration level 

 Pecision calibration equipments 

 Service:Calibration and resell equipment


《Laboratory Calibration Range》

 Temperature From -40~+300℃

 Dew / Frost point From-80~+20℃

 Relative Humidity From 10~95%RH

《Humidity Inspection Calibration System》

 Thunder2500 humidity Generator >> Temperature:-10~70℃, RH:10~95%

 MBW473 Dew point Mirror >> Temperature:-20~80℃, RH:5~100%



Capacity Inspection - Measuring curve chart, max. nonrepeatability, hysteresis error

《Experiment Conditions》

 Samples quantities : 5 EYC THS34/35 temperature & humidity transmitters 

 Temperature Conditions : 25℃、10℃、40℃、25℃ 

 Humidity Circulation : 20%、40%、60%、80%、90%、80%、60%、40%、20%

  Executing way : Execute every temperature condition 3 times humidity circulations.


《Experiment Result》

According to Measuring curve chart, max. nonrepeatability, hysteresis error of testing samples, 

the deviation value range is lowest. The result represents specific and stable of profuct.