• eYc DPS08 Integrated Multi-functional Instrument

eYc DPS08 Integrated Multi-functional Instrument

Model : eYc DPS08

● Modularized design
● Measuring range:0~10VDC/0~20mA/RTD/TC/10Ω~100 KΩ
● 4-digit LED indicator
● Suitable for applications while quick installment and dismantling of instrument is needed.

Working Environment 
Temperature: -20~60℃(standard)/Humidity :0~90%RH(standard)
Linear Accuracy
All input ≦ ± 0.1 % of readout
standard, PR 5714A
Signal connection
connector (standard)
Measuring Range
VDC: 0~1/ 0.2~1/ 0~10/ 2~10VDC
mA: 0~20mA、4~20mA
RTD: PT 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000、Ni 50/100/120/1000
TC: B/E/J/K/L/N/R/S/T/U/W3/W5/LR
potentiometer: 10Ω~100 KΩ (standard, PR 5714A)
DC power output
5 VDC (max 100 mA)/
12 VDC(max 100 mA)/24VDC (max 1A)
Power Supply
110~230 VAC(standard)
Certification standard
EMC: EN 61326-1
LVD: EN 61010-1、 UL: UL 508