YUDEN-TECH was Shortlisted for Golden Pin Design Award 2018

YUDEN-TECH was Shortlisted for Golden Pin Design Design 2018

Golden Pin Award Types


The shortlist of Golden Pin Design Award 2018 have announced on 19th' July. The total number of entries is 2,932 pieces from 23 countries around the world.
This is YUDEN-TECH first time to participate in Golden Pin Design Award with our own brand product, and was shortlisted by eYc THE 110/120 Temperature and Humidity Transmitter!

YUDEN-TECH was Shortlisted for Golden Pin Award 2018

eYc Shortlisted Product Item

eYc shortlisted product item
eYc THE110/120 OEM Temperature and Humidity Transmitter ( Indoor / Duct type )

eYc's R&D team designed innovative, durable, and compact outside case which was made by PC fire-rated polished plastic material. In order to recognized easily, we used eYc brand colo. At the product functional aspect, eYc THE110/120 was embedded imported CMOS semiconductor wafer with many excellent features, such as dew point condensation protection, provide high accuracy (Temperature:±0.3℃, Humidity:±2 %RH),  customized wide measuring range(-40~+120℃ and 0~100%RH), high stability, and quick reaction. This is fit for monitoring indoor environment and HVAC air condition system such as hospital, department store, restaurant and so on to enhance a more comfortable, more secure environment.

eYc alway make innovative and revolution for transmitter! Let's cheer for YUDEN-TECH.