YUDEN-TECH exclusively develop and design "wind tunnel" obtain the patent certification

YUDEN-TECH exclusively develop and design

YUDEN-TECH is committed to the innovation of measurement technology and the improvement of product performance. So far, it has acquired a number of patent certifications, such as the fast connection seat of transmitter, the panel display and its environmental protection, the convenient fixed structure of disassembly and the calibration method of humidity transmitter. Moreover, we obtained the patent certification of wind tunnel equipment in August this year. We have invested a lot of energy and time in wind measurement technology, and not only according to IEC61298 and 17025 to establish the automation quality control system of wind sensor in cooperation with the Graduate Institute of Automation and Control of NTUST. The system was run 3-cycle or 5-cycle curve inspection by measuring circles quantities and positions of testing points to achieve calculation of the targets and calibration of the linear curve which help air velocity transmitter to maintain high accuracy quality. And YUDEN-TECH establish air velocity calibration laboratory which has widely calibration range 0.25 to 60 m/s and expanded uncertainty 0.04 m/s to 0.90 m/s to provide high quality measuring and calibration service to our premium customers. 

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