industry transformation, indispensable eYc air flow transmitter

industry transformation, indispensable eYc air flow transmitter
Industry transformation, indispensable eYc air flow transmitter

The commitment to “Net Zero” and “Carbon Neutral” is the challenge for countries and companies around the world to face global warming in recent years.
Various countries and companies have pledged to become carbon neutral or negative by 2050. This affects the development direction of the industrial industry, under the premise of achieving sustainable development.

For example, various greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide, etc.) are produced in the manufacturing processes of industry, semiconductors, and optoelectronics. The exhaust gas in these industry process needs to be circulated again, and calculate the amount of produced and the amount of emissions. Therefore, the measurement of air velocity, air volume, temperature and humidity is more important in the exhaust gas emission device.

eYc is the best helper in the process of industry transformation, and has a professional R&D team specially designed transmitter for industrial transformation. eYc can propose the best exhaust gas emission solution for you.

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