【Happy Mother's Day】eYc Measure Temperature & Spread Temperature Of Love

eYc Indoor PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor Protects IAQ for Mother and Family simultaneously


Do you have good idea to prepare the presents of Mother's day?

eYc recommends Indoor Multifunction PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor for you to protect health of mother!

The basis of healthy body is integrated by well living environment and clean air quailty.

The indoor air quality will be changed by living environment, floor heights, interior ventilation as so on.

When mother cooks foods, the concentration of PM2.5 also will be raised simultaneously.

If we do not improve PM2.5 concentration, our health will be influenced and getting worse.  

eYc release multifunction indoor air quality monitor ( item : eYc TGP03/THP03) in order to protect living quality.

This IAQ monitor is suitable for common public places, restaurants, offices, and home!

Features :  

  • 【4-in-1】Real-Time Data of  PM2.5, CO2, temperature & humidity 
  • 【Real-time data monitoring】 Quickly monitor and LCD display
  • 【Nicer stability】 NDIR,MEMS , and Infrared LED sensor
  • 【Sensor protected】Anti-condensation and nicer long-term stability
  • 【Operate easy】 Remote monitoring data via Modbus RS-485 digital output
  • 【Install Quickly】Compact size and elegant outlook and easy to install on the wall
  • 【Data logger software】Free programmable software to monitor and record local data via RS-485

Let's choose a durable and compact eYc multifunction indoor air quality monitor to protect our mother and family at 24 hours everyday.

All of eYc members wish all mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.