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eYc Corporate Logo


With the light, air and water, the earth is being nourished and operate in a sustainable and prosperous way,  E icon brings about the same image! The “ water drop “ inside the eYc logo represents the innovative thinking like a gush of living water, which is also our pursuit!.



To be a Green corporate is our vision for the society. Green stands for energy-saving, environmental-protection, passing-on and power of life! We start from Taiwan and then move forward to the world over, with this vision, to develop innovative products and service so that we create our core competency along with the utmost value for our customers and the society.



Our core concept is to develop a variety of products of high precision, quality, and stability. Applications coverage include HVAC, pharmaceutical industry, green house, environmental engineering, food, hospital, agriculture, heavy industry and the like, high-precision measurement for temperature, pressure and flow in production procedure, monitoring on gas transmission and performance of control panel.