• eYc Particle Counter

eYc Particle Counter

Counting range:0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 μm
Effective measurement range:<100,000 count/L
Flow:2.83 L/min
Communication:2 sets RS-485
Model : eYc Particle Counter

  • Long-acting, compact type and high resolution for multi-particle size for IOT application
  • Install is unlimited by locations, widely applied in production line
  • Real-time monitoring of portable devices and collect data for 24 hours, meet the
  • smart monitoring needs of production lines
Use the principle of light scattering to count dust particles. The basic rule is that the intensity of light scattered by particles increases as the scattering of particles increases.
A certain flow of dust-containing gas passes the strong light, causing the particles to emit scattered light, which is projected onto the photomultiplier tube through the condenser lens converts the light pulse into an electrical pulse, and obtains the number of particles from the pulse number.
According to the functional relationship between the intensity of the scattered light of the particles and the displacement, the diameter of the particles is converted, and the size of the particles can be inferred by determining the intensity of the scattered light, which is the basic principle of the light scattering particle counter.

This product only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China

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Counting range:0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 μm
Counting efficiency:>90% for particle≥0.5 μm
Measurement error:±10%
Effective measurement range:<100,000 count/L
Flow:2.83 L/min
Response time:<1 ms
Communication:2 sets RS-485
Power input:+12 V,<500 mA(Power cord provided by customer)
Dimension:100x70x50 mm
Built-in speed regulating valve pressure range:<900 kpa
Accessories:Manuals, data reports, software(by e-mail)

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