• eYc FSE Paddle Wheel Flow Transmitter

eYc FSE Paddle Wheel Flow Transmitter

Model : eYc FSE

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▪ IP68 enclosure, SUS and chemical resistant body
▪ Low power consumption , new stable & high resolution rotor ,bi-direction
▪ Easy maintains, easy operation , connect to PLC / IPC directly
Measuring range:0.3 ... 6 m / s
Linear accuracy:± 0.5% of full flow value (after K value correction at V ≧ 0.5 m / s)
Linearity ± 0.5% full flow value
Working pressure:PVC / CPVC piping system Max 10bar (at 20 ° C water); CS / SUS piping system Max 16 bar
Rotor:6 petals, ECTFE fluorine plastic
Shafts and bearings: high-density ceramics
O-ring: EPDM, Vition, Viton coating PTFE
Measuring medium temperature: CPVC body Max85 °C;PTFE & SUS316L body Max 100 °C

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