• eYc Formaldehyde Detector

eYc Formaldehyde Detector

Suitable for various indoor measurement
Lightweight and easy to carry
Type:Electrochemical sensor
Measuring range:0 ... 5 ppm(Note 1) / Continuous active sampling real-time detection
Output:Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 / APP software for mobile and pad and PC
Model : eYc Formaldehyde Detector

Formaldehyde analyzer can measure indoor formaldehyde gas, when over the limit value, the buzzer will be warned when detection.
Recorded data can be transmitted to the pad or computer, with concentration, temperature compensation function, easy to handle the situation on site.
High-sensitivity electrochemical sensor, response time fast and accurate (ppm rating), good stability, quantitative detection, easy to use, minimal interference, high accuracy, with temperature and humidity functions.

This product only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China

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Type:Electrochemical sensor
Measuring range:0 ... 5 ppm(Note 1) / Continuous active sampling real-time detection
Reaction time:Update readings every 20 seconds / t90=2 min / t75=20 sec
Display:Temperature & humidity / Average value per hour display
Alarm:Buzzer alert prompt(≧0.3 ppm)
Battery / Power:
1.Battery operation time>12 hours
2.USB external power
Weight:99 g(with battery)
Output:Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 / APP software for mobile and pad and PC
Optional:USB to RS-485 adapter line
Note:Report of CMS Laboratory, Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI
Note 1:Long time operation is not recommended in high concentration formaldehyde environment(>1 ppm)

Indoor air quality inspection / Formaldehyde / content detection in interior decoration / Labor / safety and Labor workplace determination / Air / cleaner verification of aldehyde removal / efficiency / Functional testing of formaldehyde / removal products / Environmental testing