• eYc FOM09 Porous Orifice Plate Balanced Flowmeter

eYc FOM09 Porous Orifice Plate Balanced Flowmeter

Features : Porous Structure, Adjusting Eddy Eurrent, Low Pressure Loss, High Temperature, Good Stability
Diameter : DN3 ... DN3000​
Accuracy : ​±1.0% ; ±1.5%​
Turndown ratio : ​10:1​
Medium temperature : ​< 600°C​
Model : eYc FOM09

FOM09 Balance the flowmeter can maximize the rectifier into ideal fluid flow field in balance, to measure the differential value according to the Bernoulli equation to calculate the flow in the pipeline. Balance disc throttling of flow sensor is a porous rectifier, installed on the cross section of the pipeline, the size and distribution of each hole is based on the special formula and test data, and custom, called the function. Balance meter when the fluid through the function of the disc holes, the fluid will be balanced rectification, eddy current is minimized, form the approximate ideal fluid, through pressure device, can obtain the stability of the differential pressure signal, according to the Bernoulli equation, to calculate the volume flow to mass flow.

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Diameter : DN3 ... DN3000
Accuracy : ±1.0% ; ±1.5%
Medium temperature : <600°C
Turndown ratio : 10:1
Straight pipe : 
Gas : 5D after the first 20D ;
Liquid : 5D after the first 10D
Medium pressure : ≦25MPa
Housing material : Carbon steel /304 / 316 /High temperature alloy steel
Disc brake material : 304 / 316 ; F4
Temperature range : < 80°C ; 80 ... 180 °C ; > 180°C
Pressure range : ≦ 1.0MPa ... ≦ 6.4MPa
● Display immediate, cumulative flow, measuring two-way flow.
● Measuring medium : vapor, gas, liquid.
● Accuracy:1.0% ; 1.5%
● High turn down ratio, 10 : 1
● Good stability : throttle area, long-term stability and stable signal, no linger about.
● The porous structure can disperse resistance, reduces the formation of vortices and turbulence of friction, reducing the kinetic energy loss and reduce pressure loss comparing.
Natural Gas / Chemical / Petroleum /
Steel / Power Generation /
Paper / Printing / Pharmaceutical