>> eyc Product Applications

   It can be used in air-conditioned room, duct, temperature and humidity measurement.
 FTS34 / 35 
   It can be used in air duct, wind speed, air volume measurement.
 FTS84 / 85, FTM84 / 85
   Metal probe, aluminum housing, high wind speed, weather resistance.
   It can be used in Indoor energy-saving frequency, electronic clean room, laboratory, rare physical unit temperature
   and humidity measurement.
   Rooftop energy saving, outdoor atmosphere Anti-Rain, reduce exposure of the wafer directly
   4 ~ 20mA output, temperature measurement
   Head-mounting Type temperature sensor 4 ~ 20mA output, waterproof, weather-resistant, work in all kinds of difficult
   weather conditions and harsh environment
   Smoke discharge fan, air exhauster, draught fan, fan duct, filter, differential pressure static pressure, monitoring whether
   function properly
   Wind speed, air volume measurementGTH53 Indoor Air Quality Monitor Multi-in-1, CO, CO2, Temperature, Humidity
   measurement , (HCHO), VOC , it can be used in Office, Stations,        Department Stores, SchoolsGM33 / 34 CO, CO2
   measurement, it can be used in basement parking, laboratory, chemical mixing room
 GS23 / GS34
   It can be used in plant factories, offices, cinemas, department stores GTH03 temperature and humidity + CO2
   measurement, it can be used in office, cinema, department store.
 THS30X / 80X 
   HVAC Dew point meter, measuring range -100~+60 dp ℃ the option is THS88