• eYc AFMT Average Flow Measuring Tube ( Pitot tube )

eYc AFMT Average Flow Measuring Tube ( Pitot tube )

Model : eYc AFMT

● Duct-mounting type
● Material: stainless
● Operating temperature:max. 250℃
● Length(L)/mm:4" ... 40"
● Option:differencial pressure trainsmitter(can measure flow)

Measuring Media 
Operating pressure
Max.10 bar
Operating temperature
Max. 250℃
Installation connection
R3/4" adjustable thread for length < 12"
R1" adjustable thread for length > 18"
Exit connection
R1/8" inside thread for length < 12"
R1/4" inside thread for length > 18"
Measuring material
Stainless steel 316
Connection thread material
cooper or option: stainless steel
AFMT is a probe we insert into the duct ( along with the whole diameter ) to measure the flow. 
When the probe encounters the flow, several pressure detecting holes will sense and get the
average total pressure P1 in windward side and static pressure P2 in leeward. 
AFMT then gets the flow velocity by measuring the difference between total pressure and 
static pressure ( i.e. dynamic pressure ). By Bernoulli theory, we can get the output dynamic
pressure(ΔP) and flow average velocity( V).
AFMT and differential pressure transmitter are often being used in the measurement of flow. 
With several pressure detecting holes on the AFMT,we can get the average of the flow inside the duct
and improve the problem happened in the flow measuring where disturbance occurs when there’s
no adequate space inside the straight inlet.